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{ "id": 4, "name": "Canterbury Tales", "abbr": "CTP2", "long_name": "Canterbury Tales Project II", "font": "Junicode", "description": "Welcome to the Canterbury Tales Project. We are based at the University of Saskatchewan (Peter Robinson) and KU Leuven (Barbara Bordalejo). We are grateful for the support of our universities, of our many partners, and for major funding from the Canada Foundation of Innovation and from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.\n\nWe aim to transcribe all 30,000 pages of the 88 surviving pre-1500 manuscripts and incunables of the Canterbury Tales. We will collate the versions (up to 60 of any one segment of the Tales), and use the results of the collation to explore the early history of the text of the Tales. On this site, you will find materials for transcription of all manuscripts and incunables, together with the tools we are developing to collate the transcripts, and to analyse the collation. For more information: open the Wiki and Blog from the toolbar above; to see what we are doing, click on Viewer. Check out too our Facebook page at" }